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j. & w,0. Jettison and washing overboard.

Knot A measure of speed, being one nautical mile of 6,080 ft.
traversed in one hour,

Lagan. Goods jettisoned, but which have a floating object
attached by which they may be recovered.

Landing order. Authority to dock company or wharfinger to
receive goods from a ship.

Lay days. Days allowed for loading or discharging of a vessel
under charter-party.

Lazaretto. Part of the ship in which persons under quarantine
regulations are quartered, or the place where goods are fumigated.

L.C. London clause.

Levant. Eastern end of the Mediterranean, including islands.

Lien. The right of holding goods until a debt due in respect to
such goods is satisfied.

Light dues. Tolls levied on vessels for the purpose of maintaining
lighthouses and lightships.

Lighterage. Charge for the use of a barge or lighter.

LJ$L Lloyd's machinery certificate.

LJLJT. London landed terms.

Loading turn* Rotation or order for ships to berth and load cargo.

London danse. "The shipowner shall be entitled to land these
goods on the quays or the dock when steamer discharges immediately
on arrival, artd, upon the goods being so landed the shipowner's
responsibility ceases. This clause is to form part of the bill of lading
and any words at variance with it are hereby cancelled."

Lump snm freight. Gross sum of money stipulated to be paid for
the carriage of cargo, irrespective of quantity.

Metric ton. 3,204-622315.

M/R. Mate's receipt

n*aju Not always afloat.

n.d. Non-delivery,

B/n, Not north of.

n.o.p. Not otherwise provided.

Not negotiable. Cannot be transferred to any other person with
the same rights as were held by the original owner.

n.r. Net register.

n.r*a.d* No risk after discharge.

u.r.a.L No risk after landing.

n^^us. No risk after shipment.

Northern range. The ports of Norfolk, Newport News, Baltimore,
Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and Portland.

mt* Net terms.

oju Overall.

Open efearter. Charter-party whereby vessel may fix for any cargo
-and for any ports,

p/a. Particular average.

P.&L Protection and indemnity.

M.C. PortofcalL

Poop. Raised deck at stern of vessel.

.o.r. Port of refuge.

Pertage bflL The account of members of the crew of a steamer,
.giving particulars of wages, allowances, etc.

Pratique. The permit for a vessel to commTmicate with land
after a clean bill of health has been produced, or quarantine restric-
tions have been observed.

Prima facie. At the first glance.